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Kids Running

About TIEIA Youth Hub

TIEIA Youth Hub, a registered nonprofit organization, builds on what Toronto Internationally Educated Individuals Association (TIEIA) has achieved over the last five years,  focusing on empowering youth in Ontario and beyond. 

Our mission is to provide support to youths across Canada through online platforms, especially those from underprivileged groups, i.e., visible minorities, newcomers, low-income families, physically or mentally disabled, and LGBTQ, to  build their self-esteem, develop academic and non-academic skills, empower them to speak up and speak out, develop a supportive and inclusive community, prepare them for life and workplace in the real world, and to inspire them to become resilient, responsible, and independent adults and citizens.

In addition, we promote intergenerational connections to bridge the gap between generations, so that senior adults and younger generations can share wisdom, experience, and perspectives. 

Our Goals

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